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How often should I service my boat engine?

The engine is the most important component of any mode of transport. A properly maintained engine tends to burn less fuel, produce less harmful pollutants, and is much more reliable. An engine failure in the middle of nowhere is one of the last experiences you might want to have, taking care of your engine proves to be much more cost effective than just repairing it when a problem arises. So keep you and your family safe and embrace preventative maintenance to enjoy your time on the water.


Generally, engines need to be serviced once a year and stern drives every 6 months. The annual engine service is not too dissimilar from when you bring your car to the garage for regular servicing. The crucial difference however, is that your car is not kept in saltwater, exposed to the worst of the elements, and it will tend to be used much less frequently, sometimes not for months at a time. If cars were treated the same, you'd soon know about it. Boats have to be maintained to able to withstand this kind of treatment.


Follow the service schedule outlined in your marine engine owner’s manual. Whether they be pod drive, stern drive or shaft driven, or outboards, most engines require basic service every 100 hours or annually, whichever comes first.


This basic service will include but not be limited to:

    • Oil and Filter change (for four-stroke engines)
    • Changing the gearcase lubricant in outboard and sterndrive engines
    • Changing the fuel filter element
    • Checking or changing fresh spark plugs 

A good service shop will also check:

    • The accessory belt on the sterndrive and inboard engines
    • Inspect and replace sacrificial anodes as required
    • Check the condition of power steering and hydraulic trim fluid
    • Make sure the water pump impeller is changed on schedule.
    • IPS servicing
    • Conventional shaft drive and stern drive servicing
    • Checking belts and pulleys
    • Checking and treatment of corrosion

where to service boat engines in sydney?

If your vessel is based in Sydney, particularly around Sydney Harbour on the Lower North Shore, we can help with servicing your engines. If you're based in Mosman, Clontarf, Cammeray, Northbridge, we are closeby, based at Roseville Bridge Marina

Whether your vessel is equipped with outboards, or inboard engines, you’ll want to ensure that you perform regular maintenance, which is key to maintaining well-performing engines and a safe boat to use.

Davis Marine Brokerage can help maintain your boat to ensure reliable operation and to preserve value.

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