British-designed and British-builT

With 25 years’ experience of building beautiful bespoke craft for discerning clients that deliver on performance as well as aesthetic, we are a family-run business, a reputable brand and a growing company that is globally respected.


With more than 100 employees, we are one of the largest and most well-established tender builders in the industry.

Whether you require a luxury limousine, a high-performance sports boat, a modular utility craft, a semi-custom crew RIB or a chase vessel, our tenders are the ultimate piece of kit for busy owners and crew.


Pushing the boundaries of construction, electronics and engineering, we fuse advanced techniques and modern materials with ingenious design and exquisite craftsmanship to create unique tenders that perfectly complement your mothership, your distinctive personality and your lifestyle.


Our ongoing investment in infrastructure and superyacht-standard facilities keeps us ahead of the curve in terms of creative problem-solving so no design challenge is ever too great. Whatever you want, you can have!


If you seek exacting standards, exemplary client service, comprehensive after-sales care and absolute peace of mind, why not contact us today to discuss your requirements?


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made in great britain

crafted to your specifications

We are proud to custom-build stunning superyacht tenders that are exquisitely finished; exceptional in every detail and imbued with the personality of their motherships and owners.


We appreciate that commissioning a superyacht tender or motor yacht is a truly momentous decision. From the design of the hull, the propulsion of the vessel and the electronic systems to the deck layout, interior upholstery and bespoke glassware – your experience of working with our designers and naval architects will be as memorable as we can make it. Your dream vessel is realised in every impeccable detail.



9m Modular Tender

Titian Tender

7m Air Sport

9.5m Limousine

13m Open Catamaran Tender

design and build process



The first stage of the creative process is for you or your representative to meet with our designers. At this point, we will learn about the fundamental requirements of your new tender, such as its garage dimensions and the characteristics of the mothership that will inform its exterior and interior styling. We will also explore how you would like to use your tender: whether you require a high speed, a smooth ride, or rugged utility. Having gathered this information, we can then ensure that your tender complements and fully integrates with the mothership by liaising with its build team.


Initial Proposal

Our design team – comprising a naval architect, structural engineer, mechanical-electrical engineer, outfitting engineer, Recreational Craft Directive (RCD) consultant, stylist and interior designer – will work together to draft your Initial Proposal. In full collaboration with you, we will then develop and adapt the design until we have achieved the ultimate look and feel within your specified requirements.

Basic spec

Basic Specification

When you have accepted the Initial Proposal, our design team will then formulate your tender’s Basic Specification. At this stage, we can offer an estimated price, or a fixed price contract if we have sufficient information. Alternative options include a more in-depth design study, for which we charge a small fee, or we can draw up a cost, labour and materials contract.

The build

The Build

Following your approval to proceed, the build will commence.

We will provide photographic updates at every stage to keep you informed of, and document, progress.

If you would prefer to view progress in person, we are happy to arrange for you to visit our Boatyard.

Fixed-price contracts are billed in staged payments. Any other contracts are billed monthly.

Sea trial Delivery

Sea Trial & Delivery

Upon completion, your tender will be thoroughly sea-trialled to ensure that the vessel is Recreational Craft Directive (RCD) compliant and that you are entirely satisfied with its performance. Your tender will then be ready for delivery. Onboard training then takes place to help you and your crew familiarise yourselves with your new craft.

looking to build your superyacht tender?

Let's discuss how we can design and build the right tender for you.


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