Boat Antifouling in sydney


how often should my boat get antifouled?

What is Antifoul?

Antifouling is the process of protecting your hull from marine growth by applying a protective paint layer to the bottom of your boat.


Why Should I Antifoul?

If your boat lives on the water, then marine particles and growth can build-up on the underside of your hull over time. This growth of marine algaes can significantly affect the performance of your hull and your fuel efficiency. Heavy levels of growth on the hull can slow powerboats by more than 5knots and could increase fuel consumption by over


How often should I Antifoul?

The frequency of antifouling depends on the usage and storage of your boat. Boats that live afloat or that are used regularly should be checked every year to assess whether it needs reapplying.


Why is Anti-fouling important?

Anti-fouling protects the hull with a layer of protective paint, which helps to prevent and detach marine life as it moves through the water. Not a standard paint, anti-fouling paint contains an anti-bacterial compound and other chemicals specifically designed to obstruct the growth of marine life on your boat.

What is Propspeed?

Propspeed is a product that inhibits growth on propellers and running gear. It creates a long-lasting, ultra-smooth surface. Regarding boat performance, this means less drag, more speed, and less fuel usage.

where can i get my boat antifouled in sydney? 

If your boat is based in Sydney, particularly on the Lower North Shore in suburbs such as Mosman, Clontarf, Cammaray, Northbridge, Seaforth, Killarney and Roseville - we're closeby. Based in Roseville Bridge Marina we can help with all your boat antifouling needs.

Package Includes:

    • Anti-foul application 
    • Anodes as required
    • Propspeed
    • Annual Hull & Superstructure Polish

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