BOAT Brokerage in sydney


What is boat brokerage?

Boat Brokers are there to help, we can sell your boat for you when the time comes.  We do this by listing all the relevant details and presenting the boat to ensure buyers see the full potential your boat has to offer.

Just like selling a house, it's important to find the right broker, that you feel will promote your boat to a wide market. Therefore, finding the right broker is vital for the right outcome.

Boat Brokers Sell Your Boat 

You can save the trouble of dealing with phone calls, enquiries, and emails of potential buyers. No need to set up times to show people your boat because as your boat broker, we will take care of all that for you.

It's best not to negotiate on something you're emotionally attached to, it won't serve you well and can make it unnecessarily difficult. We have a practised and refined process to ensure the job gets done right. We are on the water and marina each day, we live and breathe the boating industry and we are in tune with the markets' comings and goings.

Commissioned to Sell 

Boat Brokers are a valuable resource to help you sell your yacht or boat. As seasoned industry experts, we protect your interests and ensure the successful delivery of your vessel. When getting a broker to sell your boat for you, you'll first need to agree to a brokerage fee.  The brokerage fee or commission is a percentage value on the sale price of the boat, charged in exchange for the selling services provided.

Why use a boat broker in sydney?

As boat brokers, we have the time, experience, market knowledge, industry connections, marketing tools, and skills in negotiation needed to get the deal done for the best price and in the best time frame.

If you want to sell your boat in Sydney, it's best to use a local Sydney based boat broker who will have the best local network and connections for both buyers and service providers.

If you choose to sell your boat with us as your boat broker, you can benefit from our services in a number of ways:


Price your boat correctly

Boat brokers know the market value of your boat better than anyone. We have access to information that the general public does not, like the effective sale prices of boats similar to yours, and not just the starting prices.

Promote your boat effectively

One of the biggest advantages of using a broker to sell your boat is exposure. Boat brokers daily use tools such as marketing platforms like Yachtworld, Boatsonline, and Boatdeal which can result in exposure to huge numbers of potential buyers.

Respond to potential buyers

To avoid the hassle of replying to every question from potential buyers, your boat broker can help you give peace of mind because they can easily qualify between buyers and non-buyers and also respond to all queries regarding the vessel.

Handle sales-related procedures

Boat brokers will handle the process of ownership documents, safety standards, sales contracts, tax requirements, and other documents required for the transfer of property.

Selling a boat or yacht is no easy feat. So, having us as professional boat brokers on your side and following our advice will add value to the deal and assure that you receive the most return on your boat.

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