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need someone to look after your boat in sydney?

Keeping your boat up to scratch is vital to ensure its longevity, reliability, and readiness when you want to take a trip out on the water. Properly maintaining your boat takes time and attention to detail, which is why we are here to take care of your boat for you.

Monthly BOAT Management Packages

Your boat and your preferences will vary compared to others, which is why we have a package suited to your needs.

These packages include:

    • Interior and Exterior Detailing
    • Engine Bay and Bilge Detailing
    • Re-fueling and Waste Tank Purging


In addition to monthly requirements, we also handle annual services:

    • Engines Servicing 
    • Anti-fouling and Propspeed
    • Manage all exterior contractor work to ensure the highest level of care

Why use BOAT Management?

Regular Care - It's easy to overlook or not get around to doing those key maintenance tasks and before long, it can really start to show. With an established maintenance schedule, care will take place regularly and as a result, your boat will be ready to use when the time comes.

Risk Prevention and Savings - Creating a maintenance plan can prevent accidents that might result in significant expenses. Identifying and resolving small problems early through regular maintenance can help avoid major failures and expensive repairs.

Prolonged Equipment Life - Diligent maintenance efforts can extend the lifespan of your equipment, reducing the frequency of replacements and saving money in the long run.

Enhanced Safety - A robust maintenance routine minimises the chances of equipment failures that could potentially harm individuals or damage machinery.

Reduced Downtime - Effective maintenance minimises unexpected breakdowns and injuries, ensuring your vessel remains operational and your business activities remain undisrupted.

Best Use of Your Time - How much is your time worth?  If your time is at a premium, we are here to help. For most of our clients, their time is worth significantly more than they pay to get work done on the boat. Leaving you to spend your free time doing what you want to, having fun on the water with loved ones.

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