When it comes to buying used boats, like sports cruisers, flybridges, motoryachts, or even RIBs, you’ll be surprised how durable and performance-worthy RIBs are. Online platforms have become a popular choice for boat enthusiasts and buyers. With several websites available, it’s important to consider factors such as reputation, user experience, and boat specialisation. In this article, we will compare and evaluate four popular websites for buying used boats. We’ll weigh their features, pros, and cons so you can pick the perfect site for your dream boat.



  • Well-known website.
  • Many boats to choose from. (12K powerboats as of the time of writing)
  • Easy-to-find contact details on both mobile phone and desktop.
  • Lots of filters to help you find the right boat.
  • Clear display and readable text on mobile.


  • No option to filter a specific city.
  • Boat details are a bit tricky to access; you need to open many dropdown menus.
  • Too many features can be confusing.
  • You can’t view full-sized images on both mobile phone and desktop.
  • Filter settings don’t remain in place when you go back a page
  • Takes a few seconds to load.
  • Hidden dealer information.



  • You can filter listings around Sydney.
  • The search filter is neat and easy to use.
  • Images are clear, good quality, and in full view.
  • You can watch videos.
  • The display is very neat, and descriptions/specs are easy to read on both mobile phone and desktop.
  • Simple to filter by boat type.
  • Contact details are easy to find.
  • Search filters are saved when you go back to the main page – no need to reselect
  • More sailboat listings available compared to other sites 
  • You can quickly see search filters on the phone display.


  • Not as many listings to browse. (By comparison, Boatsales has over 12k powerboats, while Boatsonline offers just over 7K as of the time of writing)
  • Small checkboxes and text are challenging to click on phone display.
  • Texts are too cramped and not pleasing to the eyes on a phone display.



  • You can view images in full mode.
  • It saves your search filter history.
  • You can choose specific boat types.
  • The search list immediately updates when you change a filter.
  • There are more search filters, such as cabins, draft, trailer sizes, etc.
  • Search filters are easily visible on the phone display.
  • Contact buttons are easy to find on the phone display.
  • Specs are neatly presented on the phone display.
  • Texts are readable and easy to click on the phone display.


  • You can’t filter listings around a specific city.
  • There are fewer listings available compared to Boatsonline or Boatsales (Both sail and power boats).
  • Specs and descriptions can’t be seen in a single view; you need to click on drop-down menus.
  • There are no videos available.



  • You can search for listings in specific cities (Main cites only)
  • Only cruisers available – if that’s what you’re looking for? 
  • Allows you to see previews of all available listings on the main page (Both phone and desktop display).
  • Videos are available.
  • Descriptions and specs are immediately visible.
  • The “Enquire” button is easily visible.
  • Texts are readable, not too big or too small on the phone display.
  • Full-screen mode is available for images on the phone display.


  • The main page does not have search filters that allow you to type in all the information at once.
  • There is no budget filter in search options.
  • There are fewer listings available.
  • Search filters are not organised.
  • There is no option to filter specific makes on both displays.
  • Specs on the phone display are a bit hard to read.
  • No smaller boats or sailboats available. 


Choosing the best website to buy used boats, such as RIBs, sports cruisers, flybridges, and motor yachts depends on your specific tastes, budget, and the kind of boat you want. BoatSales, BoatsOnline, Trade A Boat, and BoatDeal are trustworthy online marketplaces that can assist you in finding your perfect boat. If you’re particularly interested in motor yachts and need guidance on selecting the ideal one, consider reading ‘How to Choose the Perfect Motor Yacht?‘ for expert insights and tips. You can also read about “Hull and Drive Types of Motorboats” to dive deeper into different hull types and drives that motorboats have.

On the other hand, if you are looking to sell your used boat, there are also websites that can help you do that effectively. While each site has its unique features and specialties, they all share the same goal of linking boating enthusiasts and sellers.

Consider the pros and cons outlined in this article, or read about ‘Advantages of purchasing a used boat‘, and factor in your personal needs to make a well-informed choice. By making the most of these websites’ strengths, you can improve your boat-buying experience and boost your chances of finding the perfect used boat that fits your requirements. Whether you’re a fan of sailing, love cruising, or are in search of a powerboat, there’s a website out there that can help you find your dream boat.

Purchasing a boat from another state? Here’s an article to help you transport a vessel easily. Enjoy your boat shopping!


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