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A2 Duchy 35 2

Duchy 35 Review by Aquaholic

“A proper boat, with proper performance” AUDIO TRANSCRIPT This is a Duchy 35 now. This is a very elegant day boat or cruiser. And the hull of this is actually taken from a plug of a wooden boat so that’s why it’s got such elegant lines very much like a wooden boat. And in fact,…

Duchy 27 Duchy Motor Launches Boat Sales Sydney Davis Marine Brokerage

Duchy 27 Review by Aquaholic

A True Gentleman’s Cruiser AUDIO TRANSCRIPT This is a Duchy 27, these are built by Cockwells down in Cornwall and this is a really lovely picnic boat, day boat, weekender, however we want to use it. You can imagine this, slipping down the River Thames on a beautiful day and you could easily see it…

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Titian Tender Review by Motor Boat & Yachting

“The exquisite synthesis of speed and style” Credits: Nick Burnham AUDIO TRANSCRIPT We had an email last week at MBY Towers and it simply said, “Would you like to come and have a go on this?” and it took us about half a second to reply “Yes” and the reason for that was twofold. Firstly,…

Duchy Sport Duchy Motor Launches Boat Sales Sydney Davis Marine Brokerage

First Duchy Sport Launched

Introducing the latest vessel in an award-winning fleet – from Duchy Motor Launches, enter the Duchy Sport – at this year’s Southampton International Boat Show (SIBS22), which takes place between 16 and 25 September at Mayflower Park in the maritime city. The acclaimed British boatbuilder will also showcase its Duchy 27 and Duchy 35, which…

Volvo IPS 2

What is Volvo IPS Drive?

There’s a variety of different drive types available and so it can be confusing if it’s not something you’ve come across before. In this article, we’ll explain what IPS is in some detail to help you better understand what is it for and to know if it might be a good fit for you. To…

Boating Terminology

Boating Terminology

If you’re new to boating, it can be like visiting a foreign country with its own language. Seeing as much of maritime talk comes from hundreds of years ago, even experienced boaties nowadays don’t use even half of them. There are so many terms to know in boating that, it’s hard to know them all. That’s why…