How to Sell My Boat in Sydney

Selling a boat, especially a luxury vessel, requires careful planning and execution. If you’re looking to sell your luxury boat in Sydney, you’ve come to the right place. Davis Marine Brokerage specialises in selling high-end boats over 30ft, featuring esteemed brands like Sunseeker, Princess, Fairline, Palm Beach, Back Cove, Azimut, Riviera, Maritimo, Technohull, Riva, and Horizon. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the essential steps and considerations to help you prepare and promote your boat for sale in Sydney.

How do I determine the value of my boat before selling it?

Before listing your luxury boat for sale, it is essential to determine its value accurately. Various factors, including the boat’s make, model, LOA (length overall), age, condition, engine hours, features, equipment, and market demand, play a significant role in its valuation.

Obtaining a precise and reliable boat valuation is crucial for selling, refinancing, insuring, or making any financial decisions related to your boat. Therefore, it is important to choose trusted organisations or professionals who specialise in boat valuations.

At Davis Marine Brokerage, we leverage our experience and expertise to conduct a thorough inspection of your vessel, taking into account all relevant factors. We utilise the latest data from industry sources to provide an accurate valuation figure. Our boat valuation services cater to boats based in the Sydney region, including Sydney Harbour, Port Hacking, Pittwater, Cowan Creek, Broken Bay, and Brisbane Water. Our goal is to ensure that you have a comprehensive understanding of your boat’s market value for various purposes, from selling and refinancing to insurance updates or simply staying informed about the current market conditions.

“Whether you are a prospective seller, refinancing your boat, or requiring an updated insurance valuation, our team at Davis Marine Brokerage can assist you in obtaining an accurate valuation.”

Whether you are a prospective seller, refinancing your boat, or requiring an updated insurance valuation, our team at Davis Marine Brokerage can assist you in obtaining an accurate valuation.

How to prepare my boat for sale?

To maximise the appeal and value of your luxury boat, proper preparation is key. We understand the importance of presenting your vessel in the best possible condition to attract discerning buyers. Here’s how we can assist you in this crucial phase:

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Our Service Engines

1. Professional Detailing – The first impression matters, and our experienced team at Davis Marine Brokerage knows how to make it count. We offer top-notch professional detailing services to ensure your boat shines inside and out. With our attention to detail, we can transform your vessel into a pristine, eye-catching masterpiece that will captivate potential buyers from the moment they step on board.

2. Annual Servicing – Keeping your boat in peak condition is vital, and our experts are here to help. Our annual servicing options ensure that your boat is not just ready for the water but also performing at its best. We address both mechanical and cosmetic issues, leaving no stone unturned in the pursuit of excellence.

3. Gather Service History Documents – Transparency and trust are essential when selling a luxury boat. We want to ensure that every dollar you’ve spent on the boat is well represented and so we can help you in assembling comprehensive service and maintenance records. We ensure your boat’s care is well-documented, creating a strong foundation of trust and confidence for prospective buyers. With a history of diligent maintenance and care, your luxury boat becomes an attractive proposition for discerning purchasers.

What paperwork do I need to sell my boat?

Selling a boat involves various kinds of paperwork and legal obligations. Ensuring you have all the necessary documents in order is vital for a smooth and hassle-free transaction. We understand the complexities of boat sales, and our knowledgeable team is here to assist you in gathering and organising all the required paperwork, ensuring complete compliance with Australian regulations. Here’s a breakdown of the essential documents:

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1. Vessel Registration – Your boat’s registration document is important to ensure the boat is still within its valid registration period and also for transferring the registration once a change of ownership occurs. If the registration is expired, it may require another process to enable the transfer to the new owner, so in order to facilitate a smooth transfer of ownership to the new buyer, we recommend checking your registration is in order and that you can put your hands on it, in advance of the actual sale.

2. Proof of Ownership – Providing concrete evidence of ownership is a must. The necessary documents include a sales contract, purchase agreement, or receipt of payment to establish your rightful ownership of the vessel and so the authorisation to sell it. 

3. Service Records – We can’t stress enough the significance of a well-documented service and maintenance history. This assures potential buyers of the meticulous care and upkeep your boat has received.

4. Clearance of Outstanding Liens – It’s imperative to clear any outstanding loans or liens against your boat before the sale. Ensuring all financial obligations are settled will leave you with a clean and market-ready vessel. If however time is limited, when selling through us as your broker, we will of course ensure all parties are paid what they are owed before transferring ownership to the buyer. 

What are the best ways to advertise and promote my boat for sale?


At Davis Marine Brokerage, we believe in doing the job properly when it comes to promoting and marketing your luxury boat. To reach a broad and diverse audience of potential buyers, we offer a comprehensive set of services and strategies:

1. Online Listings – We leverage top-tier online platforms like Boats Online, Boat Sales, BoatDeal, and our very own Davis Marine Brokerage website. By listing your boat on these reputable platforms, we ensure that it gains maximum visibility, increasing the likelihood of finding the perfect buyer.

2. Engaging Social Media – Utilising the power of social media, we create a captivating presence on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and LinkedIn. Our strategy includes sharing high-quality photos, compelling descriptions, and dynamic videos that showcase your boat’s performance on the water. This approach guarantees that your luxury vessel not only stands out but also captures the attention of potential buyers scrolling through their feeds.

3. Targeted Email Marketing – Our commitment to connecting with potential buyers extends to our extensive network of current and previous clients actively seeking boats. We conduct tailored email marketing campaigns, disseminating all necessary details about your boat. This includes captivating images and professionally crafted videos that we have prepared to spread the word among boating enthusiasts. We ensure that your boat is in the spotlight and in the minds of those who are actively searching for their next vessel to take on their boating adventures.

4. Personalised Calls – At Davis Marine Brokerage, we have a dedicated team working consistently every day, to make personal calls to prospective buyers. This personal touch allows us to actively seek out suitable buyers for your boat, ensuring that no opportunity is left unexplored in your quest for a successful sale.

Should I sell my boat privately or use a boat broker?

When deciding whether to sell your boat privately/yourself or use a boat broker, there are important pros and cons to think about.

Selling your boat privately – Pros and Cons


  • Tell the story of your boat
  • Save money on commission
  • Maximised Profit
  • Full Control
  • Direct Communication
  • Personal touch


  • Emotionally attached
  • Blind to some areas of wear and tear
  • Time wasters
  • Low ball offers
  • Fielding calls 24/7
  • Unsure of legal requirements
  • Handling negotiations  
  • Sales is a skill you may not have

Using a Boat BrokerPros and Cons


  • Commission fees
  • Limited knowledge of the boats history
  • Potential Pricing Disagreement
  • No pressure


  • Buyers often feeling more confident dealing with a brokerage business
  • Sales professional working for you
  • Incentivised to get the best price for the boat
  • Don’t need to deal with calls from potential buyers 24/7
  • Negotiations are done for you
  • Sea trials and survey are done for you
  • Legal processes are taken care of
  • Handover is done by the broker
  • A broker can identify best value adds in preparing the boat

Ultimately, it all comes down to what works best for you at the time of selling your boat. Think about what suits you best, and that’s how you should make your choice. If you like being hands-on and in control, or maybe maybe you’ve sold your own boat before and had a good experience, perhaps selling your boat privately is more your style. But if you’re leaning towards a hassle-free and smooth experience, or you are used to hire professionals to work for you, leveraging a boat brokers time could allow you to better use your own precious time. 

You could ask yourself a few questions to help you decide:

  • How much time do I have available for selling my boat currently?
  • Do I feel confident in the legal sales process?
  • Do I think a broker would do a better job?
  • Do I want to deal with people coming to look at my boat?
  • Could I use my time to make more money instead? Or do something more important to me elsewhere?

If you choose to hire a broker to sell your boat, there’s no better than the crew at Davis Marine Brokerage, so give us a call to discuss your boat and what you need. We’re here to help. 

Davis Marine Brokerage….Your Boating Service. 


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